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Getting Your Images on the Web
By far, the single greatest source of frustration for site owners is the problem of getting their images on the web. Either it's too difficult or takes too long, or the options are too limited, or the results are less than satisfying, or the images have been hardcoded into the site, thereby making it all but impossible to change them. Images drive web sites, and nothing is more important than clear, bright images coupled with the flexibility to easily add or change them at will. We offer the widest range of solutions to this problem. Our CMS sites have built-in image processing tools that do all the work for you, and our Desktop tools can process thousands of images and upload them to your site in just minutes. For existing sites, we can configure robust image management tools that interface directly with your site's existing database, and for complex applications, we can create custom tools that manage your images effortlessly. We'll even load your images for you at a fixed low rate. Get a Quote

Easily Improve Any Website
Many sites just need a little help. Your site's design may be just right, but the search, shopping cart, or login features might not be working as they should. Perhaps your business has outgrown your site or taken a different direction that wasn't contemplated. Perhaps you just need to add a payment gateway for PayPal, Google Checkout, or eChecks to your existing site. Maybe you'd like to add some pizzazz with a few eye-catching Web 2.0 features, or maybe your site just needs a facelift.

Like anything else, web sites age over time. What may have dazzled your visitors a few years ago may now suggest your site is outdated, and that perhaps your products and services are too. Though often subtle, the effects are real and can cost you business. Improving your site enables you to take advantage of new, robust technologies that increase speed, enhance your presentation, and give your visitors the 21st Century functionality and features they've come to expect from a first class site. Periodic remodeling also lets your customers know that your online presence is vital, committed, expanding, and permanent. Get a Quote

Site Analysis, Troubleshooting, Repair
Quality web development is a complex endeavor, combining many diverse areas of expertise that include database design, software engineering, statistical analysis, graphic arts, merchandising, marketing, and even rhetoric. The standard technologies that web software engineers must master include XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Smarty, JQuery, Unix, C++, JAVA, JSP, ASP, Flash, and a number of APIs. Writing and editing effective copy requires years of specialized training, a graduate-level command of language, and rhetorical skill. Defects in any of these areas can cause a site to suffer, reducing web usability, reputation, and sales. We analyze your site for weakness in all of these key areas, and we can troubleshoot any problem or defect. We'll then explain the cause and offer a solution with a firm estimate, at no charge. Get a Quote

Processing Payments
Merchants process payments in a wide variety of ways, and our designs adjust to your needs. Retailers usually require a full eCommerce shopping cart solution; whereas, wholesalers generally prefer a catalog style order form to be submitted from their web site to their order department and then followed up with a telephone call to gather the payment information. Others want a shopping cart that places the order and then alerts the order department to call the customer for their credit card information. Some merchants will accept and process credit cards directly, while others prefer to use a third-party payment gateway. Some will offer PayPal, eChecks, Google Checkout, and gift certificates as payment options, while others will not. Regardless of how you choose to process payments, we'll design your site accordingly. We can also build in compatibility for future changes, or add new payment methods to your existing site. Get a Quote

Site Completion and Reconstruction
We see it every day: sites at various stages of completion. Perhaps the work began in-house, and is progressing slowly. Occasionally, developers abandon their clients, sometimes leaving them without access to their site's source code. Whatever the cause, if your site is under construction then we can complete your unfinished site, add consistency, and raise it to a modern, impressive standard. If your site has been abandoned, and you are without the source code, then in most cases we are able to forensically reconstruct your site if it is still on the web. JewelCarte is one of only a handful of web engineering firms that offer this service. Get a Quote

W3C Standards Compliance Certification
Our talented engineers take great care not just to create and present a beautiful web site, but also to insure that the thousands or tens of thousands of lines of code comprising your site validate according to the current XHTML standards. Invalid code is code with errors and is less secure, and so by insuring that your web pages validate, data integrity and site security are enhanced.

Our sites also are validated for the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code they contain. Validation means your pages are free of CSS errors, and this helps to create a more uniform and pleasant user experience, regardless of the type of computer or browser used. This service is included with all of our Web Design packages. Get a Quote

Beyond Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing your site's Search Engine performance gets you only half way there. It is after your visitors have arrived on your site that the real analysis begins and where the biggest returns are generated. Generally, SEO marketing firms promise only to deliver traffic to your site, and what happens after that is your responsibility. This is why Search Engine Optimization fails for most businesses, as thousands have learned the hard way, after wasting precious resources. The problem in most instances is that the site owners don't know what visitors are doing on their web sites, or why they leave, or fail to click on certain links, or abandon their baskets; and without such essential information, it's simply not possible to achieve continued success. Our SEO Marketing Bundle solves this huge problem by delivering real time information about your visitors. You get detailed reports and effective selling tools that are proven to increase sales.

You can:

  • Track your advertising campaign performance
  • View your site's selling trends
  • Track search engine keywords from Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and others used by your customers to visit your site
  • See exactly when your sales are occurring and from where your sales are coming. You'll know which keywords were entered into which search engines at which times and from which geographical locations
  • Follow your customers' movements from the moment they enter your site to the moment they leave. Actually see the page your visitors are on in REAL TIME and watch this change as they move about! Track clicks and pathways through your site to see which links are used and which are not. This tool is indispensable for A/B testing, new promotions, new product launches, and ad campaigns
  • Understand your customers purchasing habits
  • Keep in contact with your customers using targeted HTML/Multipart emails
  • Group your customers into targeted emailing groups and send them targeted, personalized email offers to sell more products
  • See instant reports on sales performance, customer performance, product popularity trends, product views, and more. Sort by referers, geo location, timestamp, keywords, product, category, and activity (e.g. started cart, completed sale, multiple visits, etc.)

Our Marketing Optimization Solutions are tailored to fit your needs. Get a Quote

Professional Copy Editing
Often we find an otherwise beautiful web site spoiled by poor writing. Commonly, this is the result of capable developers taking on more than they should, or of budget-minded business owners allowing youngsters or ESL graduates to write the copy. Whether it's common error, such as not understanding the proper usage of terms like 'lose,' and 'loose,' or broken English, which suggests the site may be located offshore, or inappropriate vernacular, which may alienate visitors from other regions, or just unskilled writing, the effects are costly. Publishing a web site is much like publishing a book: You are broadcasting an image by holding yourself out to the public as a knowledgeable source, and so you want your site to convey authority and expertise; otherwise, it may be difficult to gain your visitors' trust. New visitors are skeptical, and savvy site owners must do everything possible to put them at ease. Our professional copy writers hold degrees in English and Rhetoric from top universities and have years of professional writing experience. They will edit your text for spelling and grammatical errors, remove redundancies, ensure logical and stylistic consistency, and give your presentation a compelling flair. Get a Quote

Logo and Corporate Identity Design
Creating a consistent look and style spanning your online and offline business identity may seem obvious, but a surprising number of businesses overlook this most important detail when creating an online image. If you already have a logo then we can adapt it to the web and conform your new or existing site to your existing offline identity. If you are starting a new venture and require a new logo as well as a new site, then we can create one for you, along with business cards, letterhead, and brochures; and we'll elegantly carry this theme over to your new site. Standard logos are just $200, and advanced logos start at $500. Get a Quote

Security Services
If you host with JewelCarte then security is managed for you. JewelCarte operates clusters of multi-processor, multi-core state-of-the-art servers running RHEL 5 SELinux, which is an Enterprise-level server operating system based on enhanced security. Antivirus software runs constantly and is updated 6 times daily. Our servers are protected by 24/7 site security maintained with video surveillance and constant presence. Servers are secured in locked cabinets within locked rooms requiring key access and are acessible only to authorized personnel. Server status is monitored constantly. We also offer security services for clients that host elsewhere or who require a security implementation or audit at their office, store, or factory. Get a Quote

PCI DSS Compliance
PCI-DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a set of 12 specific requirements covering 6 interlocking objectives. It is a prescriptive, proactive security regime that covers all aspects of security from limiting physical access to hardware, to monitoring and restricting cyber access to all sensitive data. The regime of protocols mandates a high standard of security at all levels and specifies how this standard shall be met. Included are protocols for building and maintaining secure networks, firewalls, authorized access, logging, and periodic third-party monitoring and testing; and the objective in all this is to protect cardholder data. If you are going to accept credit card payments online then you will have to be PCI-DSS compliant; and we can help you do it. Get a Quote

Hourly Services
Sometimes a task or project doesn't fit neatly into a predefined category and may require a custom quote or an open-ended agreement. For instance, with a forensic site-reconstruction the amount of work necessary to complete the project may be unknowable going in, or a customer may require an approximate but unspecified amount of design or maintenance services going forward. For such situations, services may be purchased by the hour or in discounted bundles of hourly credits. Either way, you'll receive professional and efficient service from top engineers and designers at highly competitive hourly rates, and we'll get the job done right. The chart below lists the hourly rates for Design, Developer, and Webmaster services. Get a Quote

Design Hourly Rate $65
Design Package - 10 hours $400 (Save $250)
Developer Hourly Rate $80
Developer Package - 10 hours $600 (Save $200)
Webmaster Hourly Rate $65
Webmaster Package - 10 hours $400 (Save $250)