JewelCarte :: 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
We want you to be thrilled with your new web site, and the best way to assure your complete satisfaction is through your active involvement with the design process. Your site is first developed in a private, hidden area of your domain, which you can view at any time using any computer anywhere in the world. This ability to provide creative input and feedback during the critical development stages keeps the design on track to meet or exceed your needs and expectations, and only after we both are satisfied with your new site will it be released for publication; and only then are you obligated to pay the final balance.

We Are Your Online Partner
Your new web site will be developed by one of our Experienced and Professional Designers. Our goal is to create for you a pleasing, compelling web site at an attractive price; and because most of our business comes by referral, you can be certain that our interests coincide with your own. In fact, when you employ JewelCarte you have a valuable partner working for your online success!

5 Year Warranty
Founded in 2003, JewelCarte is a professional, full service, California-based web design and hosting company. We validate all of our XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL code used in our design projects because W3C and other standards compliant validated code runs faster, is more secure, and provides a more robust and consistent user experience across different platforms and browsers. When you host with us, JewelCarte guarantees our code to be bug-free for 5 years from the date of completion and will correct at no charge any defect discovered during this warranty period. You won't find a greater level of assurance and support than this anywhere at any price.

Money Back Guarantee
It's never happened, but if you are not satisfied with your new web site then you may receive a refund of up to 100% of your payment. Within 15 days of your order date, you may request in writing and receive a full refund prior to the presentation of any third revision requested. Refunds may be requested for new site designs only, and are not applicable to Schedule B services, to hosting plans, to Express Service clients, or to Domain and SSL Registration fees, which are not refundable.